Monday, November 28, 2011

myVisitPlanner & DEiXTo

We are very happy to announce that DEiXTo is going to power myVisitPlanner, an exciting project funded by the Greek Ministry of Education and Lifelong Learning, under the national action "COOPERATION 2011". myVisitPlanner is coordinated by the University of Macedonia and it is aiming at creating a personalized system for cultural itineraries planning. The consortium participants include Athena - Research and Innovation Center, GNOMON Informatics SA, the Ethnological Museum of Thrace and the West Macedonia Development Company (ANKO) SA

DEiXTo-based wrappers are going to be deployed in order to automatically retrieve regional cultural itineraries and points of interest from various, heterogenous target websites. For a pre-defined set of webpages, DEiXTo scrapers will run periodically and monitor them for new content and coming cultural events. However, besides the traditional DOM-based tree patterns, new “smart” and innovative techniques, such as text mining and NLP algorithms, will be used so as to also contend with sites of unknown structure and layout.

myVisitPlanner officially started a few months ago and its duration is 36 months. We are really glad that we are participating in this challenging and exciting project and we hope that DEiXTo will help myVisitPlanner towards implementing its ambitious goals.

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